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veggie pad thai

Orange and miso veggie pad thai

  I love peanuts. Like, alot. If it was socially acceptable, I would smother my face with peanut butter. And just because the Universe adores to play cosmic jokes, It sends me the man of my dreams, who just happens…

elimination diet

Three lessons I learned from doing an elimination diet

As I mentioned in my vegan cheesecake recipe post, I recently participated in a 30-day elimination diet cleanse challenge. I had to cut out dairy, coffee, sugar, tofu, gluten, starch vegetables and most fruits aside from berries and green…

Sustainable Travel

Tips for sustainable travelling

As I’ve mentioned in my Zero-Waste living: my beginner’s journey post, each month I will focus on one area of my life where I can reduce waste. Since I was travelling through South-East Asia in February, it made sense to dedicate my…

Zero-waste produce bags

Zero-Waste living: my beginner’s journey

I woke one day to a very full recycling bin that was threatening to spill its content all over my kitchen floor. While my usual reaction to this is: 1) pat myself on the back for recycling and 2) nag my husband…