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vegan grocery list

The Vegan Grocery List (video)

Hi everyone! After writing my 14 Meditation Tips for Beginners, I felt the need to write a post for people who are starting out their plant-based journey too. So I present to you the Vegan Grocery List! Whether you…

meditation tips beginner

14 Meditation tips for beginners

Hi loves! As some of you know, I’ve begun a Meditation Teacher Training program that focuses on mindfulness. I also started hosting weekly meditation sessions to my colleagues at work. Most people who come to my session don’t have prior…

reconnect body wellness workshop

How reconnecting with your body can help prevent illness

  Last week, I had the honor of hosting my first charity yoga, meditation and nutrition workshop with my amazing friend Ysa. Why is she so amazing, you ask? She is climbing the Kilimanjaro in September with the Cancer…

natural protein granola bar recipe

All natural protein granola bars

I started working out again and OMG I AM HUNGRY ALL.THE.FREAKING.TIME. And if I don’t have a snack at hand, girl goes #hangry. In order to avoid this situation and socially unacceptable behavior on my end, I make a…

veggie pad thai

Orange and miso veggie pad thai

  I love peanuts. Like, alot. If it was socially acceptable, I would smother my face with peanut butter. And just because the Universe adores to play cosmic jokes, It sends me the man of my dreams, who just happens…

elimination diet

Three lessons I learned from doing an elimination diet

As I mentioned in my vegan cheesecake recipe post, I recently participated in a 30-day elimination diet cleanse challenge. I had to cut out dairy, coffee, sugar, tofu, gluten, starch vegetables and most fruits aside from berries and green…