My name is Julie and I’m so happy you want to get to know me better!


I’m a pharmacist that, paradoxically, doesn’t believes that pills are the miracle solution to being healthy. Although medication is important to re-establish one’s health in life threatening situations, I strongly believe that there are alternative ways to complement a person’s well-being and, most importantly, to prevent illness in the first place.


Working in a hospital has exposed me to extremely sick patients. It reminds me daily  that health is the only true wealth. Not only the physical aspect, but also mental and spiritual well-being. Therefore, in an effort to remain strong, vibrant and to live the best possible life I could offer myself, I started my wellness journey 6 years ago.


Around that same time, holistic healthcare was becoming popular with the general public. No longer the domain of hippies and tree huggers, alternative medicine was promoted as being the answer to the health problems of the 21st century. Being the curious (read gullible) person that I am, I gave several health “fads” a chance. Yup, I tried energy healing, did acupuncture, read an alarming amount of self-help books, wore crystals, went vegan and treated yoga as a religion. I pretty much took the term “granola” to the next level.


Eventually, I found my way to meditation and holistic nutrition. I loved how healthy eating and mindfulness made me feel. As a bonus, my (anal)-pharmacist-evidence-based brain was having a field day with the abundance of scientific data backing their benefits.


My growing belief that “Food is medicine” lead me to study Holistic Nutrition. I’m excited to announce that in 2019, I will become a Registered Nutrition Consultant. My dream is to combine my knowledge of conventional medicine, nutrition and mindfulness to become an Integrative Health Coach. Call me cheesy, but I know it is my calling to help people live their healthiest lives possible.


While my blog is not meant to serve as medical advice (would you really take medical advice from someone called The Soul Hugger?), I want to help and inspire you to make your health a priority. Think of me as the health-conscious girlfriend that can answer your questions and support you during your own wellness journey.


Lastly, you might be wondering where did “The Soul Hugger” name come from? When I started this blog back in March 2016, I wanted a name that resonated with “self-care”. I initially thought about calling my site “Hug Yourself” (because hugs are good for you!) but the darn site domain was already taken. Restriction forces creativity and eventually “The Soul Hugger” was born (I love telling people I hug souls for a living).


With much love and hugs,
Jules xo


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