Crystal Healing 101 for the clueless health profesionnal

Crystal healing 101: for the clueless health professional

My first encounter with Crystal Healing (also referred to as Crystal Therapy) was back when I was working in a pharmacy in the Plateau (also referred to as the hippiest neighborhood in Montreal).

A patient asked me what he could do for his constipation.
“What have you tried so far?”, I inquired.
“I carry a Yellow Sapphire stone in my pocket to get the bowels moving, but I think I need some extra help from pills. Got anything natural?” was his answer.

Major WTF moment.

Back then, I wasn’t really into alternative practices and therefore didn’t understand what this eclectic man was referring to. For those who aren’t familiar with Crystal Healing, Natural Medecine describes it as such:

“Crystal therapy is the belief that different crystals and gems have therapeutic effects. Characteristics of the crystal or gem such as mineral content, color, and vibration or wavelength determine the type of effect it has. These attributes are thought to interact with the body’s energy field or energy points called “chakras” in a unique way to influence physical or mental processes.”

In other words, the crystal’s energy is able to interact with our environment and own body’s energy, therefore influencing our physical and mental state. Meaning the yellow sapphire’s vibration could rebalance Mr. Constipated bowel’s magnetic field and make him poo again. #mindblown


My experience with Crystal Therapy

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say crystals rate 11 on my woo-woo scale. Nonetheless, in the last few years I’ve noticed on social media that people are gaining interest in these shiny gems and it’s only a matter of time before I get asked if quartz can help with hemorrhoids. Despite the utter lack of scientific evidence out there, I went and tried crystals out for myself to see what the fuss was all about. Worst comes to worst, I’d acquire some new shiny decoration for the house.

Luckily, I don’t have any physical ailment that need to be addressed (either way, I wouldn’t recommend using crystals to treat an illness or replace medical advice). However, I read that crystals can help you achieve better clarity while meditating and attain a state of mindfulness, which is something I’m struggling with. After some Googling, I found a little gem store on Saint-Denis called Pierres D’ailleurs. Learning that I was a crystal newbie, the consultant recommended I start with amethyst and quartz, which are believed to cure pretty much every problem under the sun, and can later move on to more specific stones when I’m a seasoned crystal user.

I was instructed to cleanse my crystals and set an intention for them (ex. you will help me achieve a peaceful mind / help me not lose my shit) and to carry the crystal with me or keep it within proximity. The reason for this: “Each time contact, physically or visually, is made with the stone, the desired outcome, intention, or goal related to the stone can be reaffirmed or readdressed.” (citation from Natural Medecine) Taking the instruction to heart, I carried the crystal in my hands while meditating and even placed a amethyst stone in my pillow case to help me achieve clarity when I sleep (my husband was in disbelief and laughed so hard when he found this out).


My personal opinion about Crystal Healing

It’s been 3 months since I incorporated crystals into my wellness practice. What’s the verdict? I do admit that they give me a sense of calmness and help me stay focused during my meditation each time I see or hold them, but that’s mainly because for me they act as a reminder to stay calm. Sticky notes and repeating affirmations would likely has the same effects (and for cheaper!).

After trying crystals and chakra balancing massages, I’ve come to the conclusion that energy healing practices just aren’t for me. But hey, if you’re curious about them and are looking for ways to increase your mental well-being (but aren’t looking to treat an illness), by all means explore your curiosity. and The Coveteur have some fun articles on crystals if you want to learn the basics.

So my dear health professionals, the next time a patient asks for your guidance on how to cure a headache with quartz, you may not agree with their methods but at least you now know what the hell they’re talking about.

Much love and hugs,
Jules xoxox

P.S. I might be willing to try out these naughty kind of crystals though, LOL! #nsfw 2016 – All rights reserved.


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