Oils: the natural acne treatment

If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face.

This is a quote I often hear from people explaining to me why they use natural/organic beauty products. While I myself have benefited greatly from going organic, I don’t suggest you take this advice too literally (i.e. don’t go eating spoonfuls of your face cream to prove a point, or slapping on gravy because it’s edible. Just saying.).

Until 2 years ago, my skin was a hot mess. I had moderate to severe acne since my teenage years. Back then, I declared war on my face and was determined to bring my acne to its knees. I’ve tried every medicated creams and antibiotics available on the market to “fix” my skin. Instead of getting the glowy results I was searching for, my skin felt raw and burnt from all the peeling, astringent toners and washing my face 3 times daily (I was intense). My face was so oily I went through 3 oil-blotting sheets per day. Luckily, I met a facialist who made me realize that the only way to heal my skin was to put down my weapons and show some much needed TLC instead. You can’t keep on flicking your finger to someone and expect them to return you favors.

From then on, I learned to focus on keeping my skin healthy to prevent the acne, instead of beating it into submission. After a decade of treating my skin like an enemy and hating it for “failing” me, I learned to accept and nurture it, which was quite a pivotal shift in thinking for me. Interestingly enough, my attitude towards my skin also changed the way I treated myself: less guilt, more love.

My switch to organic skincare product occurred two years ago when I was shopping on Queen West in Toronto. I entered the Cure Apothecary, an attractive store with pretty vials in the window that caught my attention. I remember having a passionate conversation with the owner about truly loving your skin. She convinced me to give face oils a try, promising that it won’t cause havoc on my already very oily skin.

Oils: the natural acne treatment

Fast forward two years and I solemnly swear by face oils for my night time routine. Since my switch, my face is glowy and bouncy, instead of oily and depleted. I don’t need to wear foundation on a daily basis anymore nor use oil-blotting sheets. I now only get the occasional lonely zit, instead of an entire football team populating my face. For daytime however, I stick to organic creams because my face looks a bit cray-cray after applying the oils (and this is why my boyfriend doesn’t want to come close to my face at bedtime. Bah, you win some, you lose some).

My skin is no where near perfect or flawless. But compared to a few years ago, it’s so much more vibrant and hydrated. I trust this is due to the use of products containing nothing but good-for-you ingredients and most importantly, me being kind to it. After all, the skin is able to absorb into the blood the products we apply on it. Might as well give it some healthy nutrients and a positive attitude.

Here are my favorite products I use in rotation. Skin Essence (Canadian product: yay!) and Evan Healy are my go-to brands. Malaya is a brand I picked up recently while visiting a pop-up shop in the Chelsea Market in New York.

Let me know in the comments below how you deal with your acne and/or what your favorite organic products are. If you know a good brand from Montréal, I would love to try their products. Gotta encourage local businesses!

Much love and hugs,

Jules xo


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