Do you feel like your Life is rushing by you so fast, leaving you little time to think? Do you find yourself on autopilot, stressing over minor things and purely reacting to situations and triggers? Have you ever wished that you could instead press pause for a second and respond to stress from a place of calm?

Lucky for you, there exists a solution, and it’s called meditation!

If you have never experienced the benefits of meditation, let my free 5-day video meditation course help you out! With over an hour of free video content, this meditation course will guide you through the basics of mindfulness and help you build a regular practice.

See how meditation allows you to reclaim the pause in your Life by signing up for my class here!

If you got 10-15 minutes a day, I’ll teach you how mindfulness can help you manage your stress and I’ll guide you through a relaxing meditation session at the end. If you’re new to meditation, my mission is to make it as simple, accessible and practical as possible for you. Because meditation ain’t just for elite monks and green-juice-sippin’ yogis. It’s for people like you and me too!

However, if you tried meditation and gave up on it because A) you kept on falling asleep or B) get frustrated because you can’t get your mind to be “empty”, these courses are also for you! My goal is to break down the meditation blocks and to help you see mindfulness in a whole new way.

Here’s what you’ll learn over the next 5 days:

Day 1: Introduction to mindfulness meditation

Day 2: How to deal with thoughts that arise during meditation

Day 3: How body awareness increases mindfulness

Day 4: When things don’t go your way

Day 5: How to continue your meditation practice

If you’re interested in seeing how meditation can help you,

click here to start your first class!

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