If you’re new to The Soul Hugger, let me briefly explain to you
1) who I am and 2) what this page is about!


Who’s this girl that supposedly hugs souls?

Jokes aside, you might be wondering what’s my professional background. Therefore, let me introduce myself! I am a pharmacist who focuses on preventive health measures to help my patients thrive. While I do believe that drugs are crucial for acute and life-threatening illnesses, I see them playing a secondary role in chronic diseases. Instead, efforts should be placed on balanced nutrition and stress management to deal with many of the illnesses of the 21st century. You can read more about me here.


What is The Soul Hugger about?

To give better recommendations to my friends and patients, I’ve completed a 2-year Applied Nutrition certificate and I’m undergoing a Meditation Teacher Training. Therefore, in my blog I’ll share with you my favorite plant-based recipes, nutrition articles and meditation tips.


My best articles

Below, you’ll find some of my best articles to give you a feel for the Soul Hugger.
Simply click on the blog post title to read.



The Vegan grocery list (video)

Three lessons I learned from doing an elimination diet

All natural protein granola bars

Click here to visit more recipes


Meditation and mindfulness

14 meditation tips for beginners

7 ways to be mindful everyday


Personal development

While not necessarily health-related, I’m also a BIG self-help geek
(gimme a high five if you’re one too!). Hence, here are my most
popular articles on personal development.

Thinking about Death on a daily basis to improve your life

Solo trips for personal growth


Let’s take our relationship to the next level!

Is it okay now if I give you a hug? (Are we moving too fast?) In all seriousness, don’t feel like a stranger! The Soul Hugger is my cozy little home and you’re welcome to stay and explore. If you like what you’ve read so far, let’s stay connected via Instagram @thesoulhugger and on Facebook (click here)!


And if you’re really ready to bring our relationship to the next level, can I get into your… inbox? (Did your mind just dip into dirty territory? I’m keeping it PG-rated here, guys!) Don’t worry, I don’t do spam mail. Once a month, I send you an update on what’s going on in Soul Hugger land and also send you a freebie. Speaking of freebie, I made this special Vitamin Guide for Vegetarians to help you get the vitamins you need from your diet! Don’t worry if you aren’t a vegetarian, this guide can be super helpful for you too! Click here or on the image below to access it.


That’s it for now folks! Sending you much love and hugs,
Jules xo


Disclaimer: The information on this website is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. It does not serve as medical advice. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding and/or have chronic illnesses, speaking with your doctor prior to incorporating any ideas from this website into your life is highly recommended. 🙂

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