The Vegan Grocery List (video)

vegan grocery list

Hi everyone! After writing my 14 Meditation Tips for Beginners, I felt the need to write a post for people who are starting out their plant-based journey too. So I present to you the Vegan Grocery List! Whether you are dipping your toes in the vegetarian/vegan pool or you just want to add more plant-based food items to your omnivore diet, here is a video showing you what I carry in my kitchen.

In the video, I also give tips about how to cook or store some of the items. While the video doesn’t show every single item in my kitchen, I present to you my staples. Having these items in my kitchen ensures that I always have healthy ingredients to make a quick vegetarian dinner with. If you like the video, below I explain how you can download a printable vegan grocery list. Enjoy the tour! 😉


Kitchen tour: What does a vegetarian keep in her kitchen?


On a side note, this is my first time publishing a video online. Therefore, I’m nervous yet very excited! Ever heard of the term “vulnerability hangover”? It’s when you wake up, and you’re like “Holy F, did I really just put myself on Youtube??” I realize the video is a bit too long… Sorry for the rambling and the many “um”! I’ll work on it, I swear 🙂 However, I hope you still like it! If after watching the video you want some vegan recipes ideas, click here.


Vegan Grocery list: free download!

If you want to download a printable copy of my grocery list, click here and sign up to my newsletter! You’ll also receive a Vitamin Guide for Vegetarian, which explains to you how to get essential vitamins in your diet without the use of animal product or supplements. I hope you find it helpful!


vitamin guide for vegetarians


Much love and hugs,

Jules xo


Photo credits: Catherine Ong

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