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I love to role-play.

Now, I’m not talking about the teacher and naughty Japanese school girl variety. What I mean is that on my days off where I’m flying solo, I occasionally pretend I’m someone else for a few hours and I behave or do the activities that person/stereotype would do. For example, if one day I’m feeling French, I’d eat a few buttery croissants for breakfast, embrace messy hair, have charcuterie and fromage for lunch and say merde along the way. Another day, I’d be Beyoncé and have champagne and caviar for breakfast just because I’m Queen Bee.

I don’t have a logical explanation to this. I just do it because 1) it’s fun 2) it gives me a free pass to behave differently with strangers 3) forces me outside my comfort zone and makes me try new things. You call it borderline schizophrenia, I call it having alter-egos (Beyoncé has one!).

Yesterday’s persona was “hippie boho lady”. I had booked a Chakra Balancing massage, planned on eating at Aux Vivres (Montréal’s best known vegan restaurant), and was going to educate myself on Crystal Healing and get some pretty stones (I will post about this soon). Now if that ain’t New Age hippie, I don’t know what is.

On my way to the crystal atelier, a lovely smell caught my attention. That’s when I noticed it came from a store called Sampson Eco Shop. Seeing that it was a natural health store, Boho Julie walked in to stay in character with the day’s theme.


Sampson has everything from face and body products, bath salts, endless rows of hand crafted soap bars, fragrant teas, eco-friendly house cleaning products and much more.  Now this may sound shallow of me for focusing on appearances, but what I loved the most about the store was the display. It’s aery, light, and luxurious. I find that not enough natural stores in Montreal focus on making the shopping experience visually pleasing (the neon lights and Ikea metal racks really aren’t making me feel zen!) Sampson Eco Shop however got this right and is simply beautiful and relaxing to be in. Bonus: the price tags are quite easy on the wallet!



Couldn’t resist picking up some things for myself: a yoga mat cleaner and bath salts that smell like Heaven #treatyoself

Thank you Sampson people for letting me take photos! You can visit them at: 168 Mont-Royal East, Montréal, QC H2T 1P1

Hope you enjoyed this first post of my new series called “Wellness in the City”. This series will showcase some of my wellness stores discoveries and favourite places.

Much love and hugs,

Jules xo

P.S. How should I name my hippie alter-ego? I feel she’ll be taking over this blog quite often.

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